If you've been keeping your eye on the compact luxury SUV market, then you've undoubtedly taken notice to the new Volvo XC60. This luxury ride is packed with features and has a sleek exterior design that catches the eye right away. Luxury SUV buyers have long-awaited a combination of features as impressive as those found in the XC60, which include a high-tech panoramic moonroof and automated, heated wiper blades.

The moonroof on the Volvo XC60 SUV is like no other you've seen, even among other luxury vehicles. It comes with a built-in perforated nightshade to reduce lighting and sun glare while still allowing airflow. This high-tech moonroof was designed to allow the perfect mixture of air and light into your cabin.

Drivers will also appreciate the heated wiper blades, which can remove ice and rain more effectively than traditional blades. Come test drive a XC60 today at Volvo Cars Erie and see what you think of the new design.



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