Causes and Prevention of Engine Overheating

You don't want to be driving in Erie, PA and experience your car overheating. One of the most common reasons that a car overheats is that there isn't enough coolant in the vehicle. Sometimes, the coolant has not been mixed correctly, and this makes the coolant unable to provide maximum protection.

Bad hoses and broken fan belts are also possible reasons for your engine overheating. If your car's thermostat goes bad, it cannot regulate your vehicle's temperature properly. Always make sure that you have sufficient coolant in your vehicle. Take your vehicle in for regular belt and hose inspections. You should have your coolant changed according to manufacturer recommendations.

If your vehicle is overheating, or if you need coolant service, contact Volvo Cars Erie. The professional technicians in the service department can provide both maintenance and repair services for engine overheating and other problems with your vehicle.

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