Best Way to Jump-Start a Vehicle with Cables

Jump-starting a car with another is simple if you have a pair of jumper cables handy. Before you can do anything, bring the running car right to the nose of the vehicle that will be getting jumped. Turn off the engine and the lights of the car, then open the hoods of both vehicles. If the terminals on either battery have too much corrosion on them, use a wire brush to create a better point of contact.

The jumper cables have two clamps on each end, red and black go to each battery. The red goes to the plus side of the battery that is charged, then the other red to the battery needing a jump. The black to the minus side of good battery, and lastly, black to any metal surface on car getting jumped.

Start car, wait a few minutes, start other car. Don't let this become a habit, get to our Volvo service center in Erie, PA so we can inspect the battery now.

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