Roadside Emergency: Blowouts and Flat Tires

Having a roadside emergency can be an unnerving experience. There are a few things you can do to prepare ahead of time for some common emergencies.

Blowouts or a flat tire can happen if you run over a sharp object, like a nail or screw. Sometimes the tire will get a small puncture at first and slowly leak. The small tear can eventually cause a blowout.

If the tire blows out, you can drive for a short distance on the rim. For your safety, pull off the road as far as possible. Learn how to change a tire before you need to. Practice in your driveway or a safe area.

If you can’t change the tire, use a fix-a-flat product. Fix-a-flat comes in a aerosol canister. You fill the tire with it. It will get you to a mechanic, but it is not meant for a permanent repair.

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