How to Know When It’s Time for A Transfer Case Checkup

The next time you take your car out to be serviced, you might want to consider the benefits of having good maintenance on its transfer case. But how does it work?

A transfer case is an instrument located at the bottom of automobiles that is responsible for delivering movement to the front and rear wheels. As fuel passes to the transmission, the transfer case uses gears or hydraulics to divert power as is necessary. All-wheel and four-wheel-drive vehicles typically have varied types of transfer cases, yet all are dependent on components of the drivetrain to work.

Transfer case fluid, a lubricant that allows its gears to function, must be replaced after several hundred-thousand miles are driven. This can also be dependent on how often four-wheel-drive is utilized. Motorists should always check for leaks and car shakiness during startup, a good sign that it’s time to have a look at your transfer case.

If you are not sure about the condition of your transfer case, you can stop by our service center at Volvo of Erie for a quick look at your drivetrain. Whether it be leaks, loose drain plugs, or more, we have the tools to take care of your car’s problems!

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