Why Getting Brand New Winter Wiper Blades is Important

Don't try to navigate those dangerous wintry roads this season with the same old wipers blades on your car. New winter wiper blades will help you to get to where you are going this winter with fewer issues.

The new winter wiper blades have been manufactured to be stronger than regular blades. They can push heavy snow load off the windshield without bending or affecting the effectiveness of the blades. Our seasonal wiper blades at Volvo Cars Erie are wrapped in a rubber case that keeps all the metal framework from being exposed to the snow and ice. That means the ice cannot affect how the blades come in contact with the glass, flexing and keeping your field of vision perfectly clear even if the temperatures drop and ice begins to form.

Bring the car to our staff at 2502 West 26 Street, so we can replace your wipers with a set designed to work better in the freezing weather!

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