Volvo's Swedish Heritage and Focus On Safety Inform Future Innovation


Anyone who knows the Volvo brand will realize that Volvo makes new cars and SUVs that are not only safe, but also stylish, innovative, and luxurious. Anyone who is looking for a new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned luxury vehicle in or around Erie, PA will love looking at new Volvo cars. Volvo's vehicles, like the extravagantly luxurious XC90 large SUV, to the capable V90 wagon, offer enveloping luxury with the convenience that comes with modern technology and safety features.

A Long History of Innovation is In Volvo's DNA

Volvo invented the three point seatbelt, and waived its patent rights so the world could experience safety. Volvo invented the child booster cushion, emphasizing the well-being of children. The Swedish automaker also invented the lambdasonde, a device the California Air Resources Board has called the "most significant breakthrough ever made in the control of vehicle exhaust emissions."

As you'll note, Volvo has always been and will always be an innovative automaker that produces new vehicles that are safe, reliable, beautiful, and cutting-edge. So whether or not you're shopping new or used; whether or not you're looking for an SUV, wagon, or Volvo Sedan, you're sure to get a quality car when you finance or lease a new Volvo.


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